Friday, 8 August 2014

5e PHB

So i've purchased the D&D Players Handbook, i've had an afternoon to read and partially ruminate and what follows here are my initial thoughts. Im tempted to do an in depth review however Rob Donahue will do a better version that I. I haven't through linked here as as far im aware he been doing the reviews 'blind' with no prior knowledge or spoilers of the product - you'll have to do a google search for 'The Walking Mind' blog.


Books solid, hardcover - looks like it could take a beating. Cover illustrations is gorgeous - that pretty much goes through out, and thats at the centre of my initial reaction. Wow. This thing looks amazing, and not just the cover - everywhere is sprinkled with interesting pieces of art. Looking at the art direction for the book you cant really see the philosophy of the designers to cherry pick all the editions. The layout is akin to 3e, a faux book (where 3 went as far as to create a faux fantasy cover) The illustrations are digital paintings, they remind me of artwork that featured on the covers and pages of the TSR era AD&D (2nd to my mind) The rules, well they're basic with traces of 2nd 3rd and 4th

Im surprised at the number of classes. The earlier editions had less, if I recall - 4th I know for sure, ill maybe check 2nd and 3rd but, anyways - they've got pretty much every major class - even warlocks and monks. This brings me hope that we'll see less option based splat books and more adventure/campaign/fluff.

My major hope is for the DMG. This is where i'm hoping we'll see major elements (the modularity Mearls talked about) that mutate the game and allow us to turn it into what we want to play. Thats really what i'm looking forward to.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

GM Kit : NPC Generator

Here are all the necessaries for random npc's


Human Name
Elven Name
Dwarven Name
Half-elf Name
Half-orc Name
Halfling Name
Gnome Name
Tiefling Name
Dragonborn Name



Combat Stats

For Minions - Divide HP by 4 and damage by around 50%, For Large Creatures - Double the HP and Damage, Huge creatures - Triple HP and Damage.

Level 0

*i'll add more levels as i get time, will be done before next weeks game*

Thursday, 24 July 2014

This Room Contains #3

"A richly appointed man garbed in traditional tattoos and robes of state, wearing an ornate badge of office, revealing him to be a diplomat representing the Boy King of Eocene - stands in the centre of the room. He seems to be in fervent conversation with a floating mote of energy that appears to be a visitant soul, beneath which is the dessicated husk of its former body."

Quick dungeon room ideas, all created using -  this method. (2 - 2 - 3) #thisroomcontains

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

This Room Contains #2

"Four acolytes of the Heathen God Oom and two indentured servants stand listlesly around a tall ornate glass jar. Inside it, floating amid the bubbling radioactive effluent is a brain, its gibbous surface pulses as it psychically influences the minds of the men around it - by overwhelming them with the false sensation of the intoxicating fumes of the Arjal poppy seed"

Quick dungeon room ideas, all created using -  this method. (6 - 6 - 2) #thisroomcontains

Monday, 21 July 2014

This Room Contains #1

"Two venerable wights Azzbad and Imanon, the two sons of Sharamet, kneel infront of an ancient scroll written in a  delicate goldleaf script. It resists all their attempts to cozen its wisdom by infusing the atmosphere in the room with long forgotten magicks, thereby creating a turbulent and noxious vortex-like cloud around them."

Quick dungeon room ideas, all created using -  this method. (3 - 3 - 6) #thisroomcontains